About Us

Diabolito online e-shop is launched into the online market as part of Diabolito Craftsman, a European leading provider of apparel and accessories for the sport and luxury lifestyle.

Diabolito is a private owned trade mark and it was developed with an innovative concept in the luxury segment. The brand offers affordable headwear and accessories to fashion conscious men and women.

Diabolito was founded with the idea to create and supply fashionable lines based on handcrafted and creative craftsman genuine products providing Authentic Hand Made Luxury Lifestyle. Our Collections combine the best of traditional elements with modern design.

Diabolito online e-shop serves people who understand and respect high quality and handmade production, developed with an innovative concept in fashion, designed for men and women who love to express themselves through fashion, features, shapes and colors that reflect their hip and vibrant style.

Diabolito online e-shop provide innovative fashion and distribution solutions to a wide range of retail and wholesale clients and partners. The large line of products is now sold directly to fashionable and better specialty stores and has become a major resource for these stores.

Consumers have the ability to shop online 24/7 or via our extensive catalog offering.